One of the best ways that most of us can contribute to the fight against climate change is for more people to hire solar companies to install solar panels on their homes. Solar energy presents a set of advantages that can be used to offset carbon emissions and investing in solar for your house will also help your wallet.
Using solar lights and other solar powered home products all help towards reducing our carbon emissions. Whilst the reductions are minimal, it’s a case of every little helps and when done at large scales it really can make a long term difference.

We offer consulting services because we understand that the decision to implement Solar Energy for your building,home or office is a one-time event. You can draw on our years of experience and knowledge to do it efficiently and effectively.


Diginoa’s task as your consultant varies with the job to be done, but our goal remains the same:

For the Investors: We are constantly on the lookout to match your needs to the right Solar project investment. We keep track of as much solar projects under development as possible, on a global scale. Where possible, we might invest and align ourselves to our mutual goals.

For the building owner: We make sure you get the right solar system, at the right price, properly installed, so that you do not end up losing money in the process.

For the executive responsible for the selection and implementation: We make sure you do the above and don’t lose your job by making an innocent mistake.

For the home owner: Save you money and increase the value of your home, rather than trying to correct for a job poorly done by an inexperienced vendor.

For the Company Owner: